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    The case study concerns Luigi and covers the period 2019 - 2020. The strategy we applied achieved a 53% increase in ROAS.

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      After seven years in business, LUIGI is considered one of the largest fashion e-shops in Greece. It employs 45 people and has an in-house photo studio and graphics department to meet its constantly growing needs. It is worth mentioning that the Luigi case study was presented as a success story at the largest Google Retail event to take place in Greece to date.

    • Brief

      The main goal for 2020 was to increase turnover by 50% over the previous year while also increasing ROAS by 15%. Nevertheless, having already had a very successful year during which an equally significant increase in turnover of 25% was achieved, the new target set was truly a challenge for the entire team.

    • Solution

      The solution that was implemented included account restructuring, which was done automatically by custom-made software based on cutting-edge technologies to ensure absolute uniformity. For subsequent optimization, it was necessary to export account data with ELT services and analyse them through Power BI to identify even the slightest factor which could have a positive impact on ROAS.

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      +94% Revenue

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      +72% Transactions

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      +53% ROAS