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    The case study concerns G4S and covers the period 2019 - 2020. The strategy we applied achieved a 29% increase in turnover.

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      The G4S iTOS is the leading smart security solution from the top security service provider in the world - G4S. It's an innovative, integrated security service that combines professional-level state-of-the-art equipment, a top-quality signal reception centre and the latest in IP Cloud technology enabling easy and secure remote system management.

    • Brief

      When we started working with G4S in December 2019, the project faced a very interesting challenge. The initial goal was to collect leads at a very specific and strict cost per lead (CPL), as during recent advertising campaigns, the actual CPL was around 3.5 times higher than the acceptable maximum. At the same time, targets were set for the new year, according to which a 20% increase in overall leads had to be achieved over the previous year.

    • Solution

      Specialized B2B and B2C landing pages were created with suitable content so that end users could identify with the product and the service. In designing them, all UX best practices were applied to achieve higher conversion rates. At the same time, the appropriate funnel tracking was designed so that the number of leads at the MQL stage could be counted, as well as how many then moved from MQL to SQL and how many were ultimately converted from SQL into actual sales.

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      -74% CPL

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      +29% Leads

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      +5% Lead Quality